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All degree programs are designed for professional adults. After evaluating both academic records and Life Experience, AIU staff working in conjunction with Faculty and Academic Advisors, establishes the student's Academic Status. The student's Academic Status defines the number of Credit Hours the University will grant towards the selected degree program.



  Bachelor Master Doctorate
Accounting BS MS PhD
Adult Education BS MS PhD
Adult Education BS MS PhD
Advertising BS MS PhD
Agribusiness BS MS PhD
Agricultural Engineering BS MS PhD
Agriculture BS MS PhD
American History BS MS PhD
Andragogic Education BS MS PhD
Animation BS MS PhD
Anthropology BS MS PhD
Archeology BS MS PhD
Architecture BS MS PhD
Art History BS MS PhD
Arts BS MS PhD
Automation BS MS PhD
Automotive Engineering BS MS PhD
Bacteriology BS MS PhD
Banking and Finance BS MS PhD
Biblical Studies BS MS PhD
Bioethics BS MS PhD
Biology BS MS PhD
Biotechnology BS MS PhD
Business Administration BBA, BS MBA, MS, MPA DBA, PhD
Business Communication BS MS PhD
Business Management BS, BA MS, MBM DBM
Chemistry BS MS D.Sc
Chemical Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Civil Rights BS MS D.Sc
Climatology BS MS D.Sc
Civil Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Communications BS MA, MS D.Sc
Computer Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Computer Programming BS MS D.Sc
Computer Science BS MS D.Sc
Conservation and Renewable Natural Resources BS MS D.Sc
Construction Management BS MS D.Sc
Counseling BS MS D.Sc
Criminal Justice BS MS D.Sc
Criminology BS MS D.Sc
Culinary Arts BS MS D.Sc
Database Administrator BS MS D.Sc
Database Management BS MS D.Sc
Digital Communications BS MS D.Sc
Diplomacy BS MS D.Sc
Economics BS MS Ph.D.
Economic Development BS MS Ph.D.
Ecology BS MS Ph.D.
Education B.Ed, BS  M.Ed, MS Ed.D, PhD
Educational Administration BS  MS PhD
Educational Technology BS  MS PhD
Egyptology BS  MS PhD
Engineering BS, BSE MS, MSE D.Sc, PhD
Electrical Engineering BS, BSEE MS, MSEE D.Sc, PhD
Engineering Systems BS MS D.Sc.
English as a Second Language BA MA PhD
English Literature BA MA PhD
Entrepreneurship BA MA PhD
Environmental Science BA MA PhD
Environmental Engineering BA MA PhD
Environmental Management and Planning BA MA PhD
Environmental Safety BA MA PhD
Ethnic and Cultural Studies BA MA PhD
Family Counseling BS MS PhD 
Fashion Design BS MS PhD 
Finance BS MS PhD 
Fine Arts BS MS PhD 
Fisheries and Marine Resources BS MS PhD 
Geography BS MS PhD 
Geology BS MS PhD 
Graphic Design BS MS PhD 
Health Care Administration BS MS PhD 
Health and Physical Education BS MS PhD 
Health Sciences BS MS PhD 
History BS MS PhD 
Hospitality Management BTHM MHM PhD 
Human Development BS MS PhD 
Human Resource Management BHRM, BS MHRM PhD
Humanities BS MS PhD
Hydrology BS MS PhD
Industrial Engineering BS MS, MIE D.Sc
Information Systems BS MS D.Sc
Information Technology BS, BIT MS, MIT D.Sc
Interior Design BA MA PhD
International Business BS MS D.Sc
International Relations BS MS D.Sc
Journalism BA, BJ MA, MJ PhD
Legal Studies BA MA PhD
Library Science BA MA PhD
Logistics BA MA PhD
Management BS, BBM MS, MBM D.Sc
Management Information Systems BS, BBM MS, MBM D.Sc
Marketing BS MS, MBA, MPA  D.Sc
Mass Media and Communications BS MS D.Sc
Mathematics BS MS D.Sc
Mechanical Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Microbiology BS MS  D.Sc
Microeconomy BS MS D.Sc
Mining Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Mobile Communications BS MS D.Sc
Music BS MS D.Sc
Network Administration and Security BS MS D.Sc
Neuroscience Studies BS MS D.Sc
Nutrition Science BS MS D.Sc
Occupational Health and Safety BS MS D.Sc
Operations Management BS MS D.Sc
Petroleum Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Philosophy BS MS D.Sc
Physics BS MS D.Sc
Physical Education BS MS D.Sc
Political Science BS MS D.Sc
Project Management BA MA PhD
Psychology BS, BPsy MS, MPsy PhD, DPsy
Public Administration BS MS D.Sc
Public Health   MS D.Sc
Quality Control BS MS D.Sc
Rural Development BS MS D.Sc
Social Sciences BS MS D.Sc
Sociology BS  MA, MS D.Sc, PhD
Software Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Sports Management BS  MS D.Sc
Sports Science BS  MS D.Sc
Statistics BS  MS D.Sc
Strategic Management BS  MS D.Sc
Technical Writing BS  MS D.Sc
Telecommunications BS MS, M.TEL. D.Sc
Telecommunications Engineering BS  MS D.Sc
Theatre BS MS D.Sc
Theology BS MS D.Sc
Travel and Tourism BS MS D.Sc
Tourism Planning and Development BS MS D.Sc
Urban Planning BS MS D.Sc
Visual and Performing Arts BS MS D.Sc
Water Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Web Design BS MS D.Sc
Waste Management BS MS D.Sc
Zoology BS MS D.Sc

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