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Sharing knowledge is a vital component in the growth and advancement of our society in a sustainable and responsible way. In order to contribute, AIU is implementing an "Open Access" Initiative with academic work, scientific research, projects, and other scholarly work by students, faculty, and other contributors. Through Open Access, AIU and other leading institutions through out the world are tearing down the barriers to access and use research literature. Our organization is interested in the dissemination of advances in scientific research fundamental to the proper operation of a modern society, in terms of community awareness, empowerment, health and wellness, sustainable development, economic advancement, and optimal functioning of health, education and other vital services. AIU’s mission and vision is consistent with the vision expressed in the Budapest Open Access Initiative and Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. Do you have something you would like to share, or just a question or comment? We would be happy to hear from you, please use the Request Info link below. -continued below-

Name/ Author  Title / Topic Link
Christopher Marshall Fundamentals of International Procurement and Outsourcing View
Festus Olubukunmi Ajibuwa My role in developing Management Information Systems for International Business College, Fajara, The Gambia View
Harry Browne The Unasked Questions View
Martha Helna Valdez Lizarraga Literary Production View
Mohamed Rehan E-Procurement Implementation, an available opportunity View
Roberto Mignone LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY - "The Colombian conflict in historical perspective: the evolution of the land issue" View
Vedran Persic Hana Petric: Life Story View
Winsome May Saldanha Effects of Differentiated Instruction in High School Science View
Myriam Abu-Khallaf Brilliant learners "Exceptional learners with disabilities" View
Mark Esposito The world heritage and cultural landscapes View
Mark Wellington Attitudes of University of the west indies students to alternative modes in education View
Richard Adams Business Performance and Information Technology Management Term View
Kinan M Al Haffar A Model Theory for Generic Schema Management Models View
Hector Cruz-Echevarria U.S Economic Growth Based on Education View
Theo van Stratum Why Internal Project Management mostly fails View
Festus Olubukunmi Ajibwa Data Security View
Vernous Guyverson Study of Information Technology Impacts on Public Administration Performance aSurvey of Haitian Information Systems, case of a developing country View
Jorge Arrone Sustained Development and Environmental Issues View
Max Wellington Enzimology View
André de Schrevel Avionics and Astrionics View
Stefan Fokuhl Thesis: Cognitive Psychology View
Perry Lev-On Facilitated Processes for Avoiding and Resolving Environmental Conflicts: U.S. Experiences View
Amin Jalloh Intro to the Arabic Language View
Anthony Oduori Solo Computer Science View
Anthony Oduori Solo Curriculum Design forn Information Technology View
Anthony Oduori Solo Internet Course View
Anthony Oduori Solo Management Information Systems View
Khaiser Ali Shah International Business Management View
Marianna EL-Jaouni International Business Economics View
Miles Darby Death, Dying and suicide Prevention View
Nedal Al Obidan Economics of the labor Market View
Sami Makki History of the English Language View
Stefan Fokuhl Child Development View
Stefan Fokuhl Social Psychology View
William Michael Ramsden Ascertaining the Boundary of Legitimate Judicial Intervention View
Catherine Garcia Innovation And Creativity In Organizations View
Catherine Garcia Values & Ethic For Leader And The Organization View
Catherine Garcia Theories & Models Of Leadership View
Ceylon Mudenda National Debt Management View
Felix Mmboyi Poverty View
Felix Mmboyi Economic Development Policy View
Felix Mmboyi Sustainable Agricultural Development View
Festus Olubukunmi Ajibuwa Data And Information Security In Modern Day Businesses (Thesis) View
Festus Olubukunmi Ajibuwa Alternative Computer Paradigms View
Ghadeer Al Wahaibi Causes Of The Failures In Engineering Projects And Proper Solutions View
Gideon Gono Monetary Economics And Central Banking: The International Experience And Case For Zimbawe View
Gideon Gono Industrial Economics And Economic Development View
Gideon Gono Leadership And Strategic Management View
Gideon Gono Economic History Of Contemporary Nations View
Gideon Gono Consensus Building, Social Contracts And The Role Of Visionary Leadership And Strategic Management In Socio-Economic Turnarounds View
Jonathan Dodoo Practical Approach Towards Consumer's Behavior View
Jonathan Dodoo Practical Approach Towards International Business View
Jonathan Dodoo Money And Capital Market View
Jorge Arrone Hiv/Aids And Education: The Hidden Threat To Human Development View
Khaiser Ali Shah Managerial Economics & Quantitative Techniques View
Khaiser Ali Shah Project & Total Quality Management View
Mark Wellington Communication In A World Of Aids View
Mark Wellington Intercultural Communication View
Mohamed Fahmy Strategic Business Diagnosis Approach View
Phillip Lane Business And Economics/ Business Statistics View
Richard Adams Investment Management View
Richard Adams Marketing Operations View
Senthil Seliyan Elango Railway Engineering View
Senthil Seliyan Elango Urban Water Management (Final Thesis) View
Senthil Seliyan Elango Airport Design View
Senthil Seliyan Elango Fluid Dynamics View
Ajay Soni United States European Asian Economic System View
Ali Al Sayed Hussain Healthcare Policy View
André de Schrevel Avionics and Astrionics View
Bahindwa Kakalizi IT Project Management View
Danny Griffin Project Management View
Festus Olubukunmi Ajibuwa Alternative Computing Paradigms View
Teddy Marques Sociology View
Grevasio Chamatambe Final Thesis View
Umar Mushtaq Database & Information Systems Management View
Thang Nguyen Ncog Operations and Supply Chain Management View
Thomas John Bisika Medical Anthropology View
Terrance L. Smith American History 1860 View
Miriam Austin Ecology of Range and Wildlife Relationships View
Michael Prah REAL ANALYSIS View
Mark Sequerth Global Human Resource Management View
Marianna El-Jaouni International Business View
Mohamed Aloush Project Management for (Software Development) View
Muhammad Shoaib Khan Sherwani Bisiness Communication View
Mark Wellington Communication in a World of AIDS View
Makamla Minungu Development Studies / International Relations View
Bahindwa Kalalizi Electronic Comerce View
Ben Gachette Principles of Microeconomics View
Bawa Fakai Marafa Primary health care View
Craig Jehn Frank Business Risk Management View
Ceylon Mudenda National debt Management View
Dave Wong Hong Meng Hipnosis in Stress Management View
SDanny Griffin Energy View
Davies Henry Lanjesi Venture Failure View
Divleen Bhatia Network Security View
Ebenezer Laryea Knowledge Management View
Eblin Yanely Zuniga Menocal Negotiation View
Eman Hassan Biochemistry Related to Clinical Chemistry View
Enow Kima Business Economy & Manergerial Decision Making View
Festus Olubukunmi Ajibuwa Algorithms & Data Structures View
Frederick Alex Croes Essential of Human Nutrition View
Felix Mmboyi Poverty View
Fawad Iftkhar Butt Statistical Analysis for decision Making View
Grevasio Chamatambe Health Promotion & Health Behaviour View
Ghadeer Al Wahaibi Motivation & Rewarding View
Guyverson Vernous Managing in Virtual Environment View
Harold A.   Dawkins Software Architecture
Houssam   Hajar Financial Risk Management
Hanan   Aridi Basic Mathematics
Hezhong   Jin Global Marketing
Heidi   Berner International Security Risks I
Heidi   Berner International Security Risks II
Hasmig   Kochanian Financial Accounting & Management
Hidayat   Dabiri Computer Vision
Hansel   DSouza Economics
IDRIS HAFIZ Pain Management Concept of Patient with lumbar
Jonelle E.   Morris Spine Intervertebral Disc Prolapse Disorder
Jonathan   Phiri Managerial Finance
Jonathan   Dodoo Commercial Banking And Finance
Janet   Carey Theories of Learning
Jorge   Arrone Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues
Jemilson   Pierrelouis Applied Database Management Systems
Jahad   El Jojo Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Jill   Fall Leadership in Management
Kinan M   Al Haffar Wireless Technologies
Khin Moe Moe   Kyu Pale Palaung
Erick Kofi Annan Fauntain of youth all youth al you need to know about anyioxidant
Gerly   Kiipsaar  Foundations of Supply Chain Management 
Galina Chus  Participatory and gender approach 
Grant Obinwa   Nwaogu  Leadership in Education
Harold A.   Dawkins  Linux Operating System
Jonelle E.   Morris  Management Information Systems I
Kinan M. Al Haffar  Web Services & Implementation 
Litos José   Raimundo  Quality Management
Law   Chin Yan  Music History and Analysis
Khaiser   Ali Shah  Project Management & Total Quality Management
Gravasio Chamatame Determining factors for insecticide treated nets policy change and its implications to communities in malawi
Kholoud   Elbaz  Foundation of Education
Miriam   Austin  Physical Anthropology
Myriam   Abu-Khallaf  Method of Teaching. Teaching with games
Mohammed Hisham ajthoub  Web Service Implementation
Patrick John Oketch Water   Audit Report Submitted to Uganda Breweries Ltd
Olivier NGORORABANGA Strategic Planning
Hope Gertrude Muli The Product Piracy Nightmare 
Paul Russell Hospitality Industry

AIU "Open Access" Initiative


Therefore, we intend to make progress by:

  • encouraging our researchers/grant recipients to publish their work according to the principles of the open access paradigm.
  • encouraging the holders of cultural heritage to support open access by providing their resources on the Internet.
  • developing means and ways to evaluate open access contributions and online-journals in order to maintain the standards of quality assurance and good scientific practice.
  • advocating that open access publication be recognized in promotion and tenure evaluation.
  • advocating the intrinsic merit of contributions to an open access infrastructure by software tool development, content provision, metadata creation, or the publication of individual articles.

Learn more about Open Access:

Budapest Open Access Initiative

Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing(status: 20 Jun 2003)

Wellcome Trust Position Statement on Open Access(issued: 01 Oct 2003)

OECD Declaration on Access to Research Data from Public Funding (issued: 30 Jan 2004)

Institutional Self-Archiving Policy Commitment - Registry of Open Access Repository Material Archiving Policies

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)


Timeline of the Open Access (by Peter Suber)

News from the Open Access Movement

Registry of Open Access Repositories

SPARC Open Access Forum and Newsletter

Directory of Open Access Journals (Lund University Libraries)

Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

Wellcome Trust Report An Economic Analysis of Scientific Research Publishing


Open Archives Initiative

WSIS civil society working group on “Scientific Information”

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