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As an international university catering to a wide range of students with different needs, we have established partnerships with leading companies/institutions to help students find the assistance they need to further their education. There are some distinctive methods in the way the programs are carried out by AIU. For additional information please contact our representatives to give you the necessary guidance to complete your program with us.The representatives listed below are authorized by AIU, please feel free to contact them directly to inquire about AIU programs offered. Some may provide you optional tutorial assistance for our distance learning based programs. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to share with us.

Dr. Oswaldo Mejia
U Internacional
Carrera 42-A, No. 1 Sur 78
Medellin, Colombia

Universidad Alas Peruanas, UAP
Av. San Felipe 1109
Jesús Maria, Lima, Peru

Kigdom of Saudi Arabia
Modern Generations for Electronic Marketing
Dr. Ahmed Zakareia Ayed

Dr. Ahmed Zakareia Ayed

Universidad La Concordia
Av. Paseo del Paraiso S/N
Fracc. Desarrollo Ecologico Paraiso
Aguascalientes, Mexico

Dr. Akiva Fradkin
14 Baruch Hirch St.
Bnei-Brak 51202, Israel

San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Centro de Investigacion para la Administracion Educativa, CINADE
Independencia 1100, Zona Centro
San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Mexico

Katia Ruiz
Oficina Principal Tegucigalpa
Col. Palmira, Ave. Juan Lindo, No. 121
Apdo. Postal # 653, Francisco Morazán,
Honduras, C.A. PBX:

Ing. Jorge Eduardo Prado
3a. Avenida 8-37, Zona 9
Guatemala, Guatemala. C.A.

Lic. Perla Sánchez
Augusto Rodin #249
Col. San Juan Mixcoac, Mexico, D.F.

Lic. Julio Salazar
Av. Ricardo Palma 1331
San Antonio
Miraflores-Gimnasio, Perú

Francisco Gallardo
Monseñor Enrique Alvea Urrutia 3201
Macul, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Dr. Gustavo Álvarez Gavilanes
Matriz Ambato provincial del Tungurahua
Campus Universitario: Via a Baños Km. 5 ½

Fabián Cruz
Calle Inglatera 1373 y av. Amazonas
Edificio Centro Ejecutivo
5 to Piso Oficina 501
Casilla Postal: 17-211904

Dominican Republic
Ing. Telesforo Gonzalez
C/ Estela Geraldino, Esq. Club Rotario
Las Colinas. Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Jesus David Sanchez
Calle Real No. 160
Huancayo, Depto. De Junin, Peru

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